NEW - Mini Cooker (unpackaged) for Firedragon Fuel

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*The FireDragon Folding Cooker is a compact and lightweight cooker made from aluminium. *

It can store 2 FireDragon solid blocks inside the stove. This compact cooker is ideal for carrying and storing these blocks.

Features: ■ Compact and lightweight
■ Durable
■ Waterproof
■ Easy to use
■ Efficient
■ You can burn many fuels (except petrol) in its fuel receiver.
■ Reusable

The fuel receiver helps to improve the burn efficiency so improving your cooking time and reducing the amount of fuel you need

Multi-Fuel: This cooker can be used with FireDragon Solid Fuel, other solid fuels, gels and some liquid fuels. (Not petrol)

NOTE- Fuel not included – Firedragon Solid , Firedragon Gel

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Cute little mini cooker for the aspirational and discreet Bushcrafter!

I wasn't expecting much ,I own one of the folding fire dragon mini burners ,and I'm quite happy with the way that one burns ,either fuel tabs ,or small bits of wood...can get a Tatonka cup full of water to boil quite quickly in it ,and it fits in a coat pocket easily. This one is absolutely tiny (7x 5 x 4 cm),easily fits in a trouser pocket with plenty of room for other stuff...but it ,like the folding stove ,is very well built.The metal flaps on the sides of it fold ,ie are adjustable, so very small bits of wood can be fed into it while a cup or small pan sits on top.I've actually put it within a used tuna tin ,which it fits in perfectly for stability.I expect it will burn bio fuel tablets well ,and small (very small) twigs and bits of wood can be fed into it. For those trying to minimise their outdoor kit ,and find things to have a cuppa or a bit of hot food ,those with the skills could definitely make use of this ,even though it's so small.I'm very happy with it ,now all I need is this ,an old tuna tin if desired ,my cup ,500ml of water, a couple of sachets of coffee/handful of nettle leaves and I'm good to go for a discreet hot drink or two in the woods.

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