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Fireball Flint & striker (Grand)

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An effective alternative fire starter to matches, complete with a liquid-filled compass for emergency navigation.

This compact flint and sturdy metal striker with serrated edge is an essential item for any hiker, walker, emergency or survival kit


  • The long flint gives a great shower of sparks
  • Designed for comfort and safer use
  • The flint and striker of Grand Fireball neatly slide and lock together.

Length: 11cm (4.5”) Weight: 50g (1.6oz)

Product Reviews

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Fire on demand.

Arrived earlier than expected. Amazing customer service. I am finding it difficult to stop setting up campfires in my back garden as this product is really fun and easy to use! The first time I used this I cleaned off the varnish coating with sandpaper until the rod was shiny and silver. I then place the larger metal v shape onto the rod and stroked down as if I was striking a match but then twisted my wrist slightly at the end of this movement. This produced a brilliant shower of yellow sparks - very satisfying! After being shunned outdoors by my partner, I quickly found some tumble dryer fluff and tested out my new toy. After only a couple of attempts the fluff caught light and I now had a big grin on my face. I quickly got some sticks and before long had a raging fire on the patio. What a feeling of achievement. Everyone is impressed with my new found caveman skills.

Actually works!

My girlfriend brought one of these when we went camping. I laughed at her and told her to get a lighter, but in honesty it's actually pretty good and I was amazed when she managed to make a fire with it. Obviously it doesn't matter if it gets wet and it has a handy compass on it too. Not much else to say!

Three Stars

It creates a nice spark good to light a mini gas stove

Five Stars

Amazing - especially considering the price ! Easy to use and perfect size - added compass bonus!

Perfect!: )

Makes sparks. Perfect! :)

Compass works and it throws some great sparks, I'm not a huge fan of the ...

Compass works and it throws some great sparks, I'm not a huge fan of the striker but I can't help but love the way they fit together.

Size + Parts just right but...

Pros: Will light fire. Good size. Inexpensive. Handy coupling system...No strings. Cons: Compass 45° wrong clockwise because of ferrous rod perhaps > BUT.. this could have been because of a rare earth magnet being near the unit briefly, not sure. Summary: Totally worth the money despite compass.

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