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What we do

Our longstanding and loyal workforce have a wealth of experience in contract manufacturing, supply chain operations, testing and product development. These skills, along with our innovation and passion guarantee consistency, quality and safety.

We devoted our time, resources and investment into applying this knowledge when manufacturing hand sanitiser to help with the COVID-19 pandemic. We currently supply to the Welsh and English NHS, British police forces and many others.

BCB International Covid-19 Banner Protecting the Protectors

Our mission is to protect the protectors and help save lives.
We won’t let you down.

BCB’s continuous and never-ending innovation policy (CANEI) has resulted in hundreds of quality innovative products, many of which were and continue to be developed in partnership with those who travel to the extremes.

Continuous and never-ending innovation
Diverse expertise
Rapid prototyping
Collaborative university and business partnership

BCB International, Awards, Conforms to and certification,

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