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Wind & Waterproof Matches

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The New BCB Designed All Weather Survival Match Pot: We called this "The Perfect Match" because they will not let you down!

These All weather matches have extra-long heads to make them safer and easier to light, especially in dark conditions or in bad weather where lighting may become more difficult. They are stronger and more effective than standard matches, able to burn continuously through harsh weather such as strong win and rain.

These Survival Matches are NATO approved and come complete with a waterproof container which contains 25 matches & 3 Striker areas including one that is protected from damp by the sealed lid.


  • Each pot contains 25 matches
  • Suitable for hard weather (wind and waterproof)
  • Longer head for a longer burn time
  • Each match burns for over 10 seconds
  • Hand-dipped and varnished
  • Waterproof container
  • 3 separate striker areas

Weight: 45g
Dimensions: 3 x 5.5cm (1.1 x 2.1")


Our Survival Matches are hand-dipped and varnished high-quality matches for a multitude of uses from lighting candles for a romantic meal to keeping a camping trip lit.

Product Reviews

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They work

Used to have waterproof matches way back in the Army and used them all the time. Bought these just in case I need them in a car accident or if I find someone else with problems to light my hexi stove and get a brew going.


These are great - they strike easily in virtually any conditions so are just perfect for camping/backpacking or other outdoor use. Be aware they are not 'strike anywhere' matches - they only work with the strikers included on their container (top and bottom - and I found I could peel one of them off and restick it elsewhere, which was handy for my purposes). Make sure you have a safe place to put the still-burning match after use - they take several seconds to burn out (you can't just blow out a windproof match!) and even when I dropped one in a cup of water it kept spitting and smoking fiercely until it was done!

Reliable and well priced

Well packaged and well priced these are a perfect to throw in your backpack/survival kit (depending on how hardcore you are!) if you're heading out doors. I road tested mine in high winds on a hillside in the lakes recently when i was well up for some lunch after 4hrs hiking... lit on first strike and burned despite the wind for about 10 seconds easily long enough to ignite the burner. Have yet to test in the rain however im confident they'd still perform. Great little buy

Windproof is an understatement!

These are absolute beast! Windproof is an understatement, these thing just will not go out once lit, so be very careful not to light them in the house as they also smell very bad as I found out after I accidentally lit one up instead of a regular match. I took these on my DofE Expeditions and they held up great, it's a one strike light and they are definitely windproof and waterproof as I carried out various tests on my Expedition! Absolute bargain for any adventure guy and are outsadingly goo matches!

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