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FireDragon Solid the all-weather ECO FRIENDLY biofuel & firelighter. Made from UK sourced ethanol, Manufactured in our own UK FireDragon factory in Cardiff, South Wales.

FireDragon can be used in multi-fuel outdoor cooking stoves, and excellent for charcoal barbecues, as well as indoor ethanol fireplaces.

We formulated and developed the FireDragon firelighter to help people who venture in the great outdoors cook their rations and boil their brews quickly, safeguarding their health and protecting the environment at the same time.

• Quick & easy to ignite - with just a spark, lighter or match.
• Eco-Friendly - made in the UK from traceable, sustainable, naturally derived bio-ethanol.
• Non-toxic & odourless - burns CLEAN without copious quantities of noxious or toxic fumes, unlike other firelighters
• Constant High-Quality flame temperature – Other Firelighter flame is very poor, especially towards the end of their use.
• Approximately 8+ minutes burn time per block.
• Can be used indoors or outside in all weather conditions. Works great even when wet
• Easy to store & handle.
• Safe to be packed with food
• Solid block can also be used as a waterless antibacterial hand cleanser when first opened

7 Great reason to use FireDragon over Competing brands

1 - Suitable for all weather - Come heavy rain or strong wind FireDragon will burn intensely
2 - Eco-Friendly - FireDragon is made from vegetable waste making it a sustainable and eco-friendly fuel
3 - Easy to light - If its a match, lighter or even a spark FireDragon fuel is very easy to light
4 - Safe with food - FireDragon doesn't give of any toxic or noxious fumes making it safe to cook with
5 - Compatible with most cookers - Whether it's our Gel or Solid FireDragon Fuel is compatable with most outdoor/camping cookers
6 - Lightweight - Each block of FireDragon solid is individually wrapped and only 27g (1oz)
7 - Low Luminosity - Because FireDragon is so clean it gives off very little luminosity

Available in - Shelf Ready "Display" CartonPlace carton on the shelf and rip off the top perforated layer for immediate use

SHELF READY DISPLAY (SRD) Product Stock Code to order
CN346 - SRD Box of 10 - format -Solid- pouch size - 6 blocks
CN347 - SRD Box of 10 - format - Solid-pouch size - 12 blocks
CN337B -SRD Box of 10 - Folding FD Cooker

Safety Data sheets available on request

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One of my outdoors ease fuels of preference currently.

I've been buying this BCB product through their stockist Greenman Bushcraft. It's an improvement definitely over hexi cooker old style fuel. And even Esbit. I'm using it in Trangia cooker and in the BCB Crusader cook kit burners. I've even used it in the Kelly Kettle base unit to fire it up in the wet with the natural fuel. Good stuff. Nothing harmful to breathe in. And hardly any sooting on the cooking pots or mess tins. Best product out there by far. In par with Bio Ethanol gel fuel.

Clean fuel for the BCB Nato issue stove.

Excellent value and sent very quickly, great gas/gel fuel tabs for the Nato issue BCB hexi type stove, note the new stove has a windshield and a well for these fuel tabs that liquidate when ignited.

light fire cook

fuel for fire cook food ?????need more buy a microwave

Great for camping/survival recommend

Good enough for the British Army good enough for me great emergency cooker great value for money

Funciona pero le falta un poco de caña

Es genial porque NO desprende nada de olor y es práctico y fácil de utilizar. Los únicos peros son que deja un residuo blanco enganchado al hornillo ( como si fuera papel ) y que le falta un pelín de caña ( Con 500ml de agua empieza a hacer burbujas, lo que es suficiente para comida liofilizada, café,... pero lo que es hervir de verdad, yo diría que no llega ). De todas formas, para ser justo, funciona bien y permite comer comida liofilizada sin problemas.


Awesome quality fuel blocks. Easy to use. Good value. Recommended

Does the job !

Just love it and it works well !

Great little fuel packs.

Great little fuel packs. Zero smoke, easy to light and can boil water very quickly.

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