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Mk2 The Crusader Cooking Set (6 Piece Set)

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The "Dragon" Crusader Cooker MK2 (aluminium) now available again

Originally designed to meet the changing requirements of the future combat solider.

The original cherished Crusader system just got a whole lot better. Made from high grade aluminium and hard anodised,, it is; Lighter – Larger – With a Quicker cooking time Boil time is reduced for 500ml of water with an MRE retort ration to approximately 5.5mins using the fantastic Fire Dragon fuel.

This cooking system is perfect for the Outdoor adventurer

Only available hard anodised as it gives an easy to clean finished. Packed inside Pouch. (Black or Multicam available)

1 x Pouch - Black (Code CN014B) or Multi Cam (Code CN014A)
1 x NATO Canteen & Mug (Osprey)
1 x BCB Flint & Striker,
1 x Crusader Cooker II,
1 x Crusader Cup II,

Lightweight - Larger cup - Quicker boiling time

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Excellent quality and seems to be bomb proof, really like it.

I was looking for a decent solid fuel type cooker to take with me to the download festival as Gas and Liquid cookers are not allowed. I had heard good things about the BCB crusader system MK1 so when i saw the MK2 at such a competitive price I just had to get it. I haven't used any kind of hexamine stove since leaving the army 22 yrs ago so didn't really know if things had changed that much. This little piece of kit is excellent. It comes packed in a very sturdy DPM webbing bag and the whole thing stacked together measures approx 28cm, or just over 11 inches. I'll start with the bag. It is the new UK pattern DPM and is excellent quality. There is a little pocket on the inside to keep your fire stick , matches, lighter etc. There are 2 very sturdy belt loops on the back secured by press studs so the kit can be carried in belt order. It's designed to fit modern Webbing belts so it would fit most sizes of belts up to 9cm wide. The whole system stacks on and into each other. Starting with the stove, then the cooking mug/pot followed by the osprey water bottle and cup. The cooking unit which comprises of two pieces, the cooker and the mug is made from aluminium and is very light. To use you place a hexamine block or some liquid gel in the bottom of the stove, light it and place the cup on top. The cup can hold up to 1Ltr of liquid which is quite a lot, ideal for heating some packet rice and a tin of curry. I tested the stove by boiling half a Ltr of water using one pretty small solid fuel block from high gear. It took exactly seven and a half minutes to come to the boil using less than half of the fuel block. If using a higher intensity fuel it will boil much quicker but I'm more than satisfied with the result. The cooker and pot cooled down very quickly and could be picked up by hand after about 7 minutes. The Osprey water bottle and mug I am very familiar with as I used it throughout my army career and I can in all honestly say it's bomb proof as long as it's kept away from high heat (it is plastic after all). The water bottle hold approx 1.2ltrs and the mug just over 500ml or a pint. As I said earlier it comes with a fire stick incase you don't have any other means of lighting it and all in all it looks to be a well designed and very sturdy piece of kit that should last for years to come. There are many videos on youtube showing this in operation. I'm looking forward to cooking my first meal come the festivals. I recently bought the lid from the Mk1 system which fits very well and reduces the boiling time hugely.

Great kit

Great bit of bushcraft kit, feels well made and sturdy. I bought a triangia spirit burner to use in this kit. And also some pot supports to fit on the spirit burner. So all bases covered, and you could also burn wood with this kit as well. Helpful

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