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Small Emergency Ration Heater

Minimum Quantity 5

Stock Code: CN364

Our two new lightweight, compact heating kits are perfect for hot food rations. Both feature one of our new flat packed cooker designs as well as our patented environmentally friendly FireDragon Fuel in a unique 7g ready to use capsule.


  • Folding Stove
  • Gripping Lever
  • FireDragon Capsules 3 x 7g
  • Book of Safety Matches x8
  • Refuse Bag

Weight: 72g (2.5oz)
Dimensions: 118 x 48 x 19mm (46.5 x 18.9 x 7.4)

For the larger ration kit Click Here!

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To read more on our new heating kit head over to Joint Forces, link below:

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