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FIREDRAGON Cooker with Fuel

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A compact and lightweight folding cooker. Includes 3 x FireDragon cooking fuel blocks with Flint & striker. Compact - lightweight - Durable*

Set contains: Folding Cooker
3 x Cooking fuel blocks (3 x 27g / 1oz)
Fuel tray
Flint & Striker

Size: w: 11.4 x 8.4 x 2.6cm (4.5 x 3.3 x 1” ) Weight (Cooker): 124g (4.3oz) + contents: 240g (8.4oz)

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Great little cooker and fuel

Great little cooker. It is extremely lightweight, robust and stable. There are no parts to break . The new addition to the design ie the windshield is useful but the cooker would still benefit from a fold around windshield as any draught affects it’s performance. The fuel tablets are brilliant . They are lightweight, clean and easy to use . They light very easily even in wet conditions. I would say they are a foolproof fuel.

Excellent emergency piece of kit.

Excellent but of kit for the size and price. Just what you need in an emergency or if the weather suddenly closes in on you and you want a cuppa or some soup or simply to keep warm.

Great product

Compact and easy to use. Great little stove

Excellent value and product

Easy to set up and use. Works better with a wind break as the included one can slip about. Approximately 20 minute burn time for 1 tablet. Great for camping/hiking very compact.

An essential piece of kit

Brilliant little cooker which fits inside my mess kit perfectly.

Bugger all to go wrong with it really.

Brought for emergency use. You get one cooker, which should last a while plus six fuel packets. Really can't argue with that.

Nice little survival kit

Pros: + ridiculously cheap + super fast setup + complete set including windscreen and fuel can be stored inside the cooker + nice smelling and eco-friendly fuel (can also be used as hand sanitizer) + adjustable to fit different sized pots/pans + quite sturdy (especially with the windscreen) + portable (folds down to the size of a pack of cigarettes) Cons: - made of low quality material, looks like cheap tin - inefficient, doesn't get quite hot enough to boil water - it's simply a container to hold fuel, there's no actual technology behind it (e.g. no jets, no wick, no double wall structure) - given that it's called the "multi fuel cooker", I don't really see what types of fuel you could use other than solid fuel tabs or fire starters My thoughts: Nice little bargain to pick up! Apparently, BCB is a company which provides the British Army with these solid fuel cookers. Their FireDragon fuel is basically ethanol (denatured alcohol) in gel form, and certainly burns cleaner and smells better than Esbit tabs, which usually consist of hexamine. While this may not be the most efficient of all stoves, it is actually designed for simmering or frying quick meals, rather than for boiling water. It's also cheap as chips... makes for a nice little backup/survival package.

Great product.

Excellent product for the price, works extremely well.

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