Multi-Fuel Cooking System (5 Piece Set) - BLACK COOKER

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**The Crusader Cooking System now comes in attractive packaging for your shop.

Clearly showing the contents throughout the packaging which would look great on your shelf for display. **

A neat, all-in-one, professional, strong, multi-fuel cooker, drinking cup, aluminium cooking cup and water bottle.

Similar to military issue, each item fits neatly inside the other and also 'around' the water bottle so it is compact for you to carry. It is shaped to fit next to you and it is all contained in a handy belt-pouch in either BLACK or MULTICAM, also included.

• Quick and easy to use with any solid or gel and most liquid fuels. • The Boil time of 500ml of water is an incredible 5½ minutes when using our Fire Dragon Fuel. • The Metal cup is hard-anodised, giving it an easy to clean finish. • Compact - all handles fold away, and it concertinas into itself.

Contents: 1. Plastic Drinking Cup
2. Canteen Water bottle – folding handles, 1 Litre (1.76 pints) capacity, heavy duty (Osprey)
3. Aluminium Cooking Cup (MK2) which doubles as a cooking pot and features a special heat receptor on its base. Has fold out handles.
4. Stainless steel (MK1 - BLACK PTFE Coating), multi-fuel cooker. Nests neatly and compactly beneath the cup, with a fuel chimney which enhances the burn
5. Belt mounted carrying Pouch. Perfect accessory with separate compartment for the cup lid. (Either BLACK or MULTICAM)

Total weight: 620g

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Takes a crusader 1 and 2 cookset , or whatever you want

Fits a crusader mk2 cook set Inc osprey bottle and cup. Interior has an inside pocket which will take a metal lid. Rear of the pouch has two straps which will attach to a belt or molle strips on a pack etc which close with press studs. There is a drawstring to close top of pouch and front buckle to close lid completely. Drainage hole in the bottom for spillages.

Perfect fit for BCB cook system MK1

The pouch fits the MK 1 BCB cook system perfectly with space for lid, 2 dragon fuel blocks, lid and some coffee and milk packets. The bottle and cup system fits tightly, I find it easier to put the stove in first then the metal cup and slide the bottle in. Trying to fit it all in at the same time is fiddly.

Must have for bcb crusader mk1 or 2

Brilliant pouch made specifically for the BBC crusader mess set.very well made should last for years.wish they made an acu digital one so I could have one for my other vest

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