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FireDragon Gel fuel is an ideal companion for all outdoor pursuits. Whether in driving rain, the freezing arctic or searing heat, the fuel will perform in extreme conditions.

Also excellent as a FIRE LIGHTER, to start your charcoal BBQ - Now available in Child proof cap Bottles


  • Easy to Light in all weather conditions– all it takes is one spark from a flint & striker, lighter or matches
  • Rapid Boil – Immediate intense heat - Boils quicker than meth’s
  • Non-Toxic Burn - odourless, clean burn
  • No-Drip - The non-flowing gel and bottleneck widget prevent leakage
  • Clean Burn – No mess on your pots and pans
  • All Weather - FireDragon gel is waterproof and will burn even when wet. The ultimate all weather gel fuel
  • Environmentally Friendly - Made from 100% UK sourced natural ingredients, FireDragon is kind to the planet
  • FireDragon helps reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions because the UK sourced natural ingredients used to make the ethanol absorbs carbon dioxide as it grows
  • FireDragon GEL is available in either 1 Litre bottle or 200 ml bottle
  • FireDragon SOLID blocks are also available in a 6 or 12 block pouch
  • FireDragon LIQUID also available in a 1 Litre bottle

8 Great reason to use FireDragon over Competing brands

1 - Suitable for all weather - Come heavy rain or strong wind FireDragon will burn intensely
2 - Eco-Friendly - FireDragon is made from vegetable waste making it a sustainable and eco-friendly fuel
3 - Easy to light - If it’s a match, lighter or even a spark FireDragon fuel is very easy to light
4 - Safe with food - FireDragon doesn't give of any toxic or noxious fumes making it safe to cook with
5 - Compatible with most cookers - Whether it's our Gel or Solid FireDragon Fuel is compatible with most outdoor/camping cookers
6 - Lightweight - Each block of FireDragon solid is individually wrapped and only 27g (1oz)
7 - Long burn time - one block 27g (1oz) block of FireDragon Will Bun for approximately 10-12 minuets
8 - Low Luminosity - Because FireDragon is so clean it gives off very little light

Safety Data sheets available on request

Product Reviews

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Great fuel and simple to use

Plastic bottle with fuel gel, can be used in many different cooking set ups. Simple to use, squeeze into your chosen cooker and light using either matches or fire rod. Burns clean with none of the black smoke you get with meths. Safe to carry around without the need for a fuel bottle. I use mine with the BCB crusader cooking kit. Good enough for the army good enough for me.

Good product

Used to light small charcoal grill. very easy to use and requires very little fluid to light grill. Recommended

Fantastic fuel! Lasts ages and burns hot

Fantastic fuel! Lasts ages and burns hot! Stored in a great bottle that's easy to and small enough to pop into your bag or cook kit!

Good product

Does what it's for . Ignites immediately. Lights lump charcoal easily without smell or taste . I recommend it and will buy again

Great product for your stoves

I love these, easy to light, burns nice in wind conditions, Use mine in my BCB cook set. Perfect for a quick brew up on the go


Small bottle....but has a lot of gel and lasting well. Does the job.!!

Super gel

Light really easily and bbq going strong straight away

A thick gel that is excellent for getting a fire going

A thick gel that is excellent for getting a fire going, but: Do not use in any camping-stove or spirit-burner.


très bon matos pour le camping ou randonné

Ok and cheap enough

It does what it needs too

Perfect for my needs

Excellent Gel fuel, made by BCB

Good for every-day carry


The gel is great. My problem was with the bottle

Bottle should have an "insert" inside the neck to allow for thin "stream" of gel, without it a huge ball the size of the neck comes out. I found another bottle and inserted this "insert" or narrower, and that solved the problem

Happy camper

Great product good clean burn happy camper.

good idea

very cool - if you have a meths burning stove you still need pot stand/wind guard etc.. then you need to add the fuel. This fuel is like having the same setup without needing the actual stove. Only thing is you seem to need more than you think - i had to put 5 dollops into the fuel crucible of the mk1 bcb crusader set to get a rolling boil - i probably should have just filled the whole crucible to the top. Also it leaves a lot of gunk in the bottom - other than that it works well, its easy to light and doesn't stink everything up like hexamine. Update#### Used it a lot more and yes. If you have a pot stand with a fuel crucible this will do the job and no need for an actual stove. Also it lights from a spark very easily (unlike fuel tablets) the only issue is its hard to gauge how much to use and you might need to refuel a few times to get to a boil. If you put in lots in one go it just burns really hot and fast. So seems like using multiple dollops as needed is the way to go 2 people found this helpful

Cracking product

Bought this product to help start fires at leeds festival. Only a tiny bit was needed to get the fire going and it lit up really easily. Just be careful as sometimes you can't see the flames this produces. I will be buying again once I've used this bottle up.

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