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FireDragon Folding Cooker

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*The FireDragon Folding Cooker is a compact and lightweight folding cooker made from aluminium. *

It can store 3 FireDragon solid blocks inside the folded closed stove. This compact folding cooker is ideal for carrying and storing.**

Features: ■ Compact and lightweight
■ Durable
■ Waterproof
■ Easy to use
■ Efficient
■ You can burn many fuels (except petrol) in its central fuel receiver.
■ Reusable
■ MOD Issue
■ Set contains:

Folding Cooker - Fuel receiver - Windshield

The central fuel receiver helps to improve the burn efficiency so improving your cooking time and reducing the amount of fuel you need

Multi-Fuel: This cooker can be used with FireDragon Solid Fuel, other solid fuels, gels and some liquid fuels. (Not petrol)

Fuel not included – Highly recommended - Firedragon Solid , Firedragon Gel

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... at Creamfields festival this year and I was SO happy I finally got one

I used this at Creamfields festival this year and I was SO happy I finally got one! We had no problems bringing in solid fuel and being able to wake up after a night of partying and make coffee / pot noddle is amazing. This was so easy to use, just chuck in a fuel block, light it and it will heat up a kettle no problem. Couple of tips: - I sat mine on an upside down mess tin when i was cooking - this is because it obviously gets really hot and i didnt want to scorch the ground i was using it on - Put tin foil in the rectangle bit where you putt he fuel block as this can get pretty dirty as the fuel burns. With foil you can simply replace it minimizing cleaning and scraping out the blakc gunk - The fuel it does burn is a bit dirty. You are going to blacken the bottom of your kettle or mess tins, but this was not a problem for me and is pretty normal i think - 1 fuel block will heat up around 2 mugs of water We made everything from coffee, pot noddles and even used instant rice and tuna to make dinner. A perfect little stove that I wish I found years ago

It does what it needs to and very well.

Tried this out a couple of times, the stove is very sturdy and will hold up a decent sized Billy can and it looks like it is perfect for the task, make tea and heat MORe's et. al. Not sure if it will last year's but it is up to the task of was designed for. The wind shield is a bonus and adds the the solidness of the stove, the old hexi stoves used to fold up if a big billy was plonked on top. Folded, the stove will hold 3 fire dragon solid fuel tablets and the wind shield, it is very easy to set up and use, just make sure it is on a level surface that you don't mind getting scorched. I would say, keep this in your pack with a three fuel tablets and use it if you need to, at £1.50 it is almost disposable.

Brilliant Little Stove

Absolutely brilliant little cooker to keep in your camping equipment, they would even be ideal to use if you have power cuts etc. I used this to boil the kettle when was fishing and one tablet boiled the kettle twice for me, Gives off a lot of heat and burns for a reasonable amount of time. The tablets for this also burn very cleanly. I have not used this yet to cook on but would deffo do the job without fail. 9 people found this helpful

Pretty good

Combined this with your standard hexamine fuel tablets. Worked as expected. The footprint is just big enough to be stable and tab that secures the two side flaps in position seems solid enough and the opening is just the right size to direct the flames where you want them to go whilst supporting a pot or a kettle. My only slight issue is that when packed, the logical place to put the tab is inside the unit with the sides folded down over the tab - however the tab then rattles around quite alot when you're walking. Pretty minor though, you could pack the tab separately or pack fuel tabs around it to solve the problem.

Great little item

The quality is better than one would expect for the price. Excellent value for money, in my opinion. The built-in, mini wind-breaker is an excellent idea, although I would recommend using a back-up windshield, on a very windy day. The BCB Fire Dragon, solid fuel "sachets", work much better in this stove that the truly solid "solid" fuel blocks - such as Highlander, or Yellowstone - and they burn for much longer. Three of the BCB fuel blocks, fit inside the stove, for easy transportation. The windshield can sometimes rattle a bit, but problem solved by wrapping it in a single layer of tinfoil. Any more than a single layer and the stove won't close up nice and neatly. A perfect little backpacking stove.

Lightweight Hiking

My kit for hiking, BCB water bottle, with the plastic cup and MK11 metal cup, which all goes together, making a lightweight package. Fire Dragon folding stove is my preference. However, I use a tin foil mat for the stove, to reflect back heat. I also raise the stove up a little, by placing a tent peg under each end, to allow more air to the fire. Set the stove up with one of the Dragon Fuel blocks, place the cup, with the water, the handles to the windshield side, with a cover on top. Spark up the fuel and place a foil windshield around the whole lot. This should come up the side of the cup, to reduce the cooling of the cup by the wind. This will boil (rolling boil) almost a full cup of water in around 7 mins, no problem. There is something good about its simplicity. You are adding fuel in a safe, simple way, while you know that this fuel block will give you enough boiling water for a brew and a dehydrated ration pack, I have cooked tinned curry on one of these as well, but a close eye on it was required, due to the intense heat and enamelling the curry onto my crusader mug. The Fire Dragon fuel burns a lot cleaner and hotter than other makes that I have tried. Yes, the jet boil type stoves will work quicker, but use gas and are expensive. Next thing to try is this stove using the gel fuel. I would recommend this stove for anyone who needs a lightweight cooking system, used with the mug, plastic cup and water bottle. I will just mention that the black plastic mug could be used to collect water, put through a purifier of your choice, then put into the Crusader mug, or water bottle. However, the thing that makes it all happen is this Fire Dragon folding stove. Top product.

Best solid fuel stove.

No parts to break. I have 3. Good even in windy conditions. I always say if it was made in Great Britain is has to be good. Bill

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