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WALL BREACHING CANNON with wired trigger

Stock Code: WB05.

The WBS (Wall Breaker System) is a high power launcher, capable of firing a 22kg projectile of water with sufficient force to punch through, non explosively, a double skin breeze block cavity wall.

• Non Lethal - increasing the safety of building occupants • Extensively tested and engineered to the highest standards. • Easy to operate and maintain • Adaptable and flexible to your operational needs • Can be recharged and loaded in seconds • Low cost and low running cost • Variable pressure and therefore power.

As it fires water and is non-lethal it reduces collateral damage and injuries to the building occupants. It is easy to operate and maintain and can be used with variable pressure therefore power.

The WBS will enable MOE in a non-lethal manner.

It provides a stand off capability, so our forces don’t have to get near the point of breach before the breach happens. The system is fitted with a Recoil Mitigation System and uses water or sand filled projectiles for safe use. Operational & maintenance training is offered and is 4 hours for a cohort of 6. Ben Simmons of BCB International will provide any training required.

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