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Dragon Mk3 MALE UAV

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Strength - Endurance - Reliability

A fixed-wing UAV that delivers

Dragon [Prion] Mk3 D15 Overview

Wingspan: 3.8m

Length: 3.0m

Weight: 30kg (approx)

Fuel capacity: 6.5-11 Litres

Fuel consumption (cruising): 0.5litres/hr

Operational Range: 1,000+ km

Payload: optimal 10kg, maximum 15kg

Engine: 120cc 4 stroke petrol

Engine control: Fuel injection ECU

Prop: 28×14 – 3 blade carbon fibre

Endurance; Maximum 13 hours flying time, Up to 1,000 Kilometres flight range, 150 Kilometre radio data telemetry, Unlimited satellite range

Flexible Payload; Payload agnostic, Payloads – up to 25 kilos, Protected space for sensitive payloads, Payloads internally or externally mounted

Agile; Launch & land on most flat surfaces with wheels, Skids can replace wheels for uneven ground, Landing distance with skids is just 10 metres, Take off with launcher is only 6 meters

Efficiency – Powerful ‘PUSHER’ British engine

Secure; Software integrity – no back door, SIGINT frequency scanning or mobile phone IMSI grabber

Adaptable; Super compact take-off from a launcher, Launcher can be mounted on a flat-bed vehicle, Interchangeable fuel tanks: 6, 12 or 16 litre fuel tank, Effective day or night

Robust; Proven and reliable, Flying since 2007, NATO approved, 10,000 feet (> 3 kilometres) proven altitude

Value for money – per mile

Security Surveillance; Offshore/Onshore, Intelligence, Reconnaissance, ISR, Border Security

Aeromagnetic Surveying; Meteorological, Oil, Gas and Minerals, Mapping

Conservation; Wildlife Data, Poaching, Deterrence, Mapping

Military/Police; Front line supply, Reconnaissance, Tactical Ops

Humanitarian; Air drops, Emergency Supplies, Search & Rescue

Industrial Grade LiDAR; Kinematic LiDAR system, integrated IMU/GNSS survey-grade accuracy

Aerial Photography; Hi-Resolution Photography, Thermal Imaging, Pipeline Monitoring

Air Pollution Monitoring; Methane, Sulphur, Nitrogen Emissions Monitoring

The Dragon [Prion] Mk3 D15 is a MALE (Medium Altitude [10,000 ft] Long Endurance [10+ hours]) UAV drone) for Eye In The Sky visual and thermal surveillance, border and are security & situational awareness, signals/mobile phone tracking and other electronic warfare capabilities and surveying projects including oil, gas, ore, etc exploration, marine (eg wind farm surveys) and even search and rescue.
No runway required.
Flown by auto-pilot.
Highly capability.
Extremely agile.
Low cost.
No pink squishy bit.

Landing gear options………………………………………. Tricycle wheels

Skids with a launcher
Aircraft dismantles into components of 2m and less for transport.
Removable front section allows easy access to onboard systems and components.

- Autopilot system
- Groundstation with Sat-phone link for beyond horizon flight
- Real-time telemetry for aircraft, engine and data on separate screens
- Pilot’s consul for manual control.
- Real-time feedback of fuel consumption and capacity.

- Engine ECU controlling fuel and ignition for optimum performance in all weather.
- Engine data logged by ECU and external removable logger on continuous loop.
- GPS and fluxgate magnetometer data are recorded on PCMCIA logger (approx. 1000hrs)
- Differential GPS for accurate survey positioning.
- All onboard systems accessible through a plug in USB port.
- Option for Pilot’s eye camera and gimbal mounted ground survey still & video HD camera.
- Extended range WiFi video transmission.

Electrical Power
- External plug in ground power from 12v supply……………………… Standby
- Onboard alternator supplying 24v, 12v and 5v outputs……………. Engine running
- Onboard battery with approximately 2 hours endurance……….. Emergency
- Emergency battery charging system……………………………………….. Engine running

- Lower Cost
- Higher Resolution
- Reduce Environmental Impact
- Safer Operations in Dangerous Terrains or Low Altitude
- Minimal Operational Footprint
- Reduced Framework

NSN 1550-99-217-6625

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