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Buccaneer Boat Stopping System (BSS)

Stock Code: BUC001.

The Buccaneer KIS delivers projectiles designed to deter and disable small fast sea craft at range.

With a range of up to 200 meters the Buccaneer KIS boat stopping system -bss- uses specialised payloads to lay buoyant netting / line for interdiction operations. The Buccaneer KIS is extremely flexible having a 360 degree rotation and depression and elevation of 45 degrees from the horizontal.

It can be operated remotely from the bridge or control room quickly and safely and uses no explosive or pyrotechnics parts in its use.

The Buccaneer can be loaded with alternative projectiles such as high density smoke, flares, or buoyancy aids.

The line deployed is strong, buoyant and has a sea anchor affixed to each end. The suspects runs of the line, that snags on the underside of the boat, causing them to drag the anchors, which safety yet very quickly halts them.

This provides a layered defence. The lethality can be increased if the approaching craft is not initially deterred.

Alternatively, it can deploy:

  • Survival items to a man overboard like a single seat liferaft or buoyancy aids
  • A rope line to shore for mooring, or to another vessel for towing

Specifications Weight: 33Kg (72lbs) Dimensions: 117 x 27cm (47 x 11")
NSN: 1095-99-993-1079

Compare The Boat Stopping Systems
Features Barracuda
(hand held)
Buccaneer (ship borne) Sea Stinger (port or larger vessel)
Barrel Diameter 5" (125mm) 5" (125mm) 7" (175mm)
Maximum Range (approx) 40yds (36m) 200yds (182m) 437yds (400m) - Line
437yds (400m) - net
Typical Line Length 40yds (36m) 100yds (91m) 218yds (200m) - Line
109yds (100m) - net
Typical Barrel Length 24" (50cm) 48" (1.2m) 48" (1.2m)
Max Operating Charge 11bar (160psi) 40bar (600psi) 40bar (600psi)
Total Weight 28.6lbs(13kg) 72lbs (33kg) 430lbs (195kg)
Dimensions 6 x 52" (15 x 130cm) 11 x 47" (27 x 117cm) 59 x 59" (57 x 147cm)

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