Cambrella Mk8 MSC portable camouflage cover - BCB International Ltd


Stock Code: NET051.

Provides: VIS NIR TIR Protection

The Cambrella MK8 MSC is an easily and rapidly deployed camouflage cover with the addition of a skirt of extra material which conceals the user from above, and 360º at ground level.

-Easy to deploy in seconds
-Visual, Thermal and InfraRed camouflage
-Versatile - can be staked down
-3D visual camouflage
-Diameter : 1.8 metre (open)
-Height: 1.08 metre
-Weight: 2.19 Kilos
-Woodland pattern

Conceals an individual on the move, and can be staked down as a sniper hide or observation post and can also conceal vehicle turrets.
Made from Mk8 material, it protects in the Visual, Infrared and Thermal spectra.

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