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Sea Water Desalinization Kit Mk 2, TYPE II

Stock Code: SF297

The desalinization kit is a handheld, portable kit that can treat sea water, transforming it into drinkable water.

The kit contains a plastic bag that the user will fill with sea water.

When one of the kit’s eight chemical bars is added to the bag, the process of desalting the water begins.

It takes about 60 minutes to make 473ml (one pint) of drinkable water. The plastic bag has a filter that will allow only fresh water to pass, and a valve that can be opened and close for easy use.

There is also mending tape in the kit in case the bag tears. The kit container is made out of heavy, molded plastic. In the event the bag is unusuable, the kit container may be used to desalt the sea water, as well.

The volume of treated water per hour is 450ml. One pack can produce over 8 x 473ml of water or 3.8 litres.

NSN: 4610-00-372-0592

Size: 11cm x 11cm x 6cm

Mass: 750 grams

Life: 5 years from DoM

Certificate/Qualification: Complies to MIL-D-5531E

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