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Wide enough for a single foot, these specialist ladders are lightweight, and makevirtually no noise when deployed.

Constructed from textile sides and carbon fibre rungs they are ideally suited to wet environments.

• Easy to rig

• Stow in a small space when not in use

• Have no metal parts to corrode

• Can be ordered by the metre to your requirements (up to 20 m)

• Supplied complete with bag and connector

• Lightweight

Carbon fibre rung core – The core of the silent rungs are carbon fibre, making them strong but extremely light.

Webbing sides – Silent ladders use 20mm polyester side tape.

Construction – Rungs are attached to side tape using three bar tacks for maximum strength.

Compatibility – Stainless steel delta connector supplied for easy fitting to fixed anchor points.

The maximum rated load is 120kg (264.5 lbs).

Silent ladders are suitable for only one person at a time.

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