40mm GRENADE LEG HOLSTERS (PAIR) - BCB International Ltd


Stock Code: CA068

Designed for use when seated in a vehicle.

An adjustable belt-kit strap helps support the load from the waist. An elasticated quick release strap secures rounds snugly to the thigh to accommodate muscle expansion/contraction during use.

■ 8 round capacity (4 rounds per leg)

Weight (pair): 480g (16.9oz)

Grenade Bandolier 40mm x eleven rounds

Code: CA028 (DPM)

Code: CA028M (Multi-cam )

Code: CA028DD (Desert)

Grenade Leg Holsters (Pair)

Code: CA068 (DPM)

Code: CA068D (Desert)

Each pouch has a dual velcro and popper setting to securely hold either the standard 40mm round or the longer 133mm illuminating round. BCB’s unique design ensures each round is released quickly and easily accessed even with gloved hands.

■ Features 11 pouches all compatible with 40mm rounds up to 133mm in length

■ Can be used to store rounds safely in a rucksack or worn over the neck via the adjustable straps

Nato Approved: NSN-1305-99-371-1332

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