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Can Openers 2's - Trade pack of 10 (Twin pack - 20 units total)

Strong, lightweight, robust, composite can opener. Can be attached to a key ring/lanyard

It is very light weighted, takes virtually no space and can be used as a multi purpose tool.

Multi Purpose Tool eg Can be used as a screw driver as well if needed. To open battery compartments, cutting tape on boxes, scratching the corrosion off something, clean muddy boots, open letters, strip wires, sharpen pencils, open cardboard boxes.

It can even be used as a cutting edge, as a groove, as a cleaner, to clean mucky finger nails, almost endless number of tasks a small Can opener can do

(Also available unpackaged in a Survival tin box of 50 Units - see image)

Size: 5 x 2cm (1.9 x 0.8”) Weight: 9g (0.3oz)

NATO approved: NSN-7330-99-549-6287

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Best compact can opener ever - Army Style

I purchased these after seeing a friend of mine use his army one to open a can with relative ease, he went on to tell me that after trying various can openers with moderate success he eventually decided to go back to using the one he got while in the army. I thought they were great and ordered 2 packs from different suppliers for my wife who is a scout leader. She thinks these things are awesome and has loved using them and letting the scouts use them too. The packaging is simple but effective and contains two of these per pack, each one is a can and bottle opener compact, lightweight and strong. An awesome little device that is so simple in its design. My wife has shared these with her scout groups and has had no problems using them when out and about. Using one of these is easier than you would think... 1st. ensure that the cutting point is at its 95-degree position (not it's folded position). 2nd If you are right-handed then hold in the right hand by the flat long section, with the cutting point pointing downward and away from yourself. 3rd Hook the edge of the can through the circular notch on the flat long section next to the cutting edge. 4th Hold the can in the left hand. 5th The right hand is then rotated clockwise puncturing the can lid. 6th Rotate the can counter clockwise in your left hand, while rotating the right hand alternatively counterclockwise and clockwise, until you have cut the can almost 360 degrees. 7th The lid of the can, can now be opened using the last remaining part of the can lid as a hinge. 8th Lift the can lid with the cutting edge to prevent accidentally cutting yourself. 9th Wipe clean your can opener 10th Rotate the cutting point back to its stowed, folded position. 11th Put it back in a safe place until next time. NOTE: If you are a left-handed user then simply hold it in your left hand, and reverse the instructions above. It takes about 36 to 42 cuts using this method, and it gets easier with practice. Pros Compact Easy to carry Small enough to have a couple of spares (just in case) Simple to use with practice and know how Cheap to buy Great survival tool Cons Not quiet as tough as my friends army issued one, but still very effective Definitely worth a try at this price.

Easy to use

I find these so much more easier to use than regular can openers. The metal on these can openers are a little thinner than ones I’ve had in the past. Hopefully this won’t be a problem and the can opener will last for quite a while without bending or snapping. Overall pretty happy with it!

Great product

Great product for camping I used this product in the British Army for years in our ration packs

Just the job

Just like my old army days had to get another 1

Just like the tin openers in the old style 24hr rat ...

Just like the tin openers in the old style 24hr rat pack. Mine were in black & BCB brand. Replaces the old opener on my keys that I've used since Nelson's eye went. Hope these last as long

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