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This is a Brand new to the UK Charcoal BBQ, which produces no smoke due to the practical combustion chamber system.

All you need to get this going is a bag of Charcoal and a small amount of FireDragon Lighting Gel

Then in an exceptionally short time – under 5 minutes from lighting the Gel and you are ready to cook. All made possible by a removable and powerful fan motor. Which supplies a jet of air direct to the FireDragon Gel which super heats the charcoal- super fast & the 5 speed settings on the fan allows you to control the temperature of the charcoal as you are cooking!!!

So easy to use any time of the year, why wait for the sunshine, This BBQ can be used outdoors, by your camper van, on your boat, camping, in the garden, Ideal for Festivals – in fact just about anywhere, All the benefits of BBQ Charcoal Cooking made stress free

While the inside is hot,, the outside remains pleasantly cool by the double-walled design So easy to clean – dishwasher safe

Fully charged fan will give 4 hours of continuous air

200g of charcoal will provide cooking for 1 hour

Powered by recharging Fan Motor with any USB connection or power bank

BBQ Safety Notice Carbon monoxide poisoning - Beware of the dangers When Fossil fuels are burning, the carbon monoxide being emitted is converted into relatively harmless carbon dioxide. But once the flame has gone out carbon monoxide continues to be produced from remaining ash and is no longer burnt off. The fumes can be deadly if they're leaked in confined spaces In a well-ventilated area this is not a problem


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