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Waterproof Survival Kit

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A new waterproof roll-sealable pouch containing a high quality survival kit created for you by BCB.

This kit features a lightweight pouch with a water tight seal. It includes both a belt attachment and a drawstring cord to loop over your neck. The front contains a Ground to Air Signalling Guide while the back has a transparent window to be able to find the items you need quickly and efficiently.

• Matches • Mini folding knife • Button compass • Water purification tablets x 10 • Dry bag • Micro torch • Signalling mirror • Duct tape • Accident evaluation form • Razor blades • Nylon cord • Nightlight • Pencil sewing kit • Gold wire (12 ft) • Fishing kit • Wire saw • Distress whistle • Fireball flint & striker • Survival instructions • Safety pins x 6

Size: 120 x 195mm (4.7 x 7.6") ℮
Weight: 198g (6.9oz) ℮

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