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Mini Mint Cake (Box of 42)

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Kendal Mint Cake (Box of 42)

Both a tasty treat and a life-saving functional energy candy. Not caffeinated, but packed with glucose and sugar making it a great accompaniment on hikes, bike rides, camping trips, and so on.

A must have for any survival or ration kit
A standard part of the 24-hour ration pack issued to the Irish Defence Forces
Melt in the mouth delicious

Feel the energy come back into your body

Kendal Mint cake has been used by:
• Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman in their supplies for their 2004 motorcycle trip around the world in Long Way Round.
• Sir Ernest Shackleton for the Imperial Trans- Antarctic Expedition of 1914–1917.
• Sir Edmund Hillary while climbing Mount Everest

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This is addictive...Do not buy if you want to lose weight. I really love it but i know for a fact this wont be helping me to stop being fat. But its sooo nice. Dont eat before bed or you wont be able to sleep. I know people mainly use this for when doing sport and walking etc. This isnt ideal for sitting on your bum and eating it all. But its oh so good....I mean it wont hurt now and again will it....

Old but good

Although it's literally just sugar & mint flavour it's really nice & moreish. Superb for an immediate energy boost when trekking or mountain biking. Really cheap & good value for money, too. And lasts a long time. Compact so can be stored easily.

Much bigger than I thought!

I assumed this was going to be a small snack sized bar, but it's actually much bigger which was a pleasant surprise. Very fresh and a delicious sweet minty flavour.

Great for treating low blood sugars!

Brilliant sugar kick! I have type 1 diabetes and am sick of having to carry bottles of coke/Pepsi with me for when my blood sugars go low. Someone in worked suggested I try this as she was prescribed it during her diabetic related pregnancy. I have to say this stuff is great- take 2 squares and within 10-15 minutes (average time to bring blood sugars back up I find) you feel normal again due to the high sugar content. This is small enough to fit in a bag and not too heavy so is perfect. I would say this shouldn't be a problem to take into concerts or on planes, places where you often aren't allowed to take a sugary drink through security, as it is a solid item so this is brilliant for diabetics! Nice minty taste and tastes quite like the mint centre of after eights- highly recommend! Honestly not sure why my diabetic team at the hospital haven't told me about this before..

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