Disposable Insole Footwarmers (PK3) M/L

Stock Code: CL282

WARM FEET - Some say "A little bit of Heaven" Vast amounts of heat for at least 5 hours For those cold wintery days!

Our new Mycoal Insole Warmers provide vast amounts of heat for those times when the smaller toe warmer just isn’t enough! The same formulation is used in a full length insole, with a low profile to fit well inside tighter footwear.

The insole works well inside all sorts of enclosed footwear types providing you with toasty toes for a minimum of five hours. Remember that shoes made from open mesh weave fabrics might allow too much air to circulate, causing them to run extra hot for a shorter duration!!


3 Pair pack. Size: Large = 7-12 shoe size.

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