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Personnel are more likely to succeed and survive with the right equipment and training. This is reflected in BCB’s new escape kit. Designed with modern operational experience this modular high specification kit is in a useful travel pouch and can also be broken down into different modules to be held on the person or in clothing.

A hookit tool and luggage tag - to bypass latch locks • Combination padlock bypass tool • Lock Picks • Hook and spike bypass tool - to deactivate lock on handcuffs • GTFO wrist strap • Escape necklace - contains a handcuff key, R clip for manual dexterity, a shim and a striker bead • A go tube-designed to hold escape items in a concealable, lightweight, waterproof manner. • Extra long handcuff key • SAD tool - to escape from handcuffs and padlocks • High Tensile Steel Safety Pin • A firesteel - produces sparks of 3000 degrees Celsius • Ceramic razor blade • Mini lightsticks • Button compass • An Aide memoire • 72cm x 57cm Fabric escape map

Personnel requiring escape equipment will also likely require specific survival equipment. For customised escape kits please contact the expert:

Weight- 212 grams (7.5oz)
Dimensions- 21x11x3.5cm (8.2x4.3x1.3”)

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