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Dragon Cooking System (6 Piece Set)

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Crusader Cooker MK2 (aluminium)

Lightweight - Quick cooking time - Compact and robust

"This high grade stainless steel cup and hard anodised aluminium cooker system fits neatly around the 950ml (32oz) Canteen Bottle, and then neatly away into a pouch. It is shaped to fit around your body. Quick and easy to use with any solid, gel or liquid fuel. Packed in a Black Pouch. ■ Lightweight ■ Quick cooking time ■ The Boil time of 500ml of water with an MRE retort ration is an incredible 5.5 minutes when using the fantastic Fire Dragon fuel. ■ The cooker and cup are hard anodised, giving it an easy to clean finished. ■ Compact ■ Robust ■ Multi-fuel ■ The Pouch can be MOLLE mounted onto belts, rucksacks or body armour. ■ The Cup available the natural silver colour"

Contains: 1 x Pouch, (select code CN017 for Multi cam or CN017B for Black)
1 x Flint & Striker,
1 x Crusader Cooker II, High quality aluminium
1 x Crusader Cup I (Silver) High quality steel
1 x NATO canteen & Mug,
1 x Lid

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Perfect cook system

Every one needs one. Great for heating water for Rations or food coffee, tea, or soup. Stainless steel cooker is 1 liter U.S. canteen cup holds only 24 ounces. Easy to clean. Very hard to find in United States. Bill

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