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Olive Green Paracord

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Olive Green Paracord - Multiple uses - never travel without them again!!!


  • Olive paracord useful to soldiers and woodmen alike
  • Strong and long
  • Braided inner cord can be used as fishing line or for sewing
  • Protective wear resistant sheath
  • Breaking strain of approx 50 kg (110 lbs) STANDARD

Braided inner cord can be used as a fishing line

Length: 15m (50 ft)

Diameter: 3.3mm

Product Option

Standard CM030BX:
Wieght: 50 kg (110 lb)
Breaking strain of approx 50 kg (110 lbs)

Extra Strong CM030C:
Singles only (no pack size available)
Weight: 250 kg (550 lb)
Extra strong Breaking Strain
Breaking strain of approx 250 kg (550 lbs) EXTRA STRONG

Product Reviews

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Great value

Just what I was after! I used it for a suspended line at the end of an Ariel wire, at the far end of my garden, attached to a tree. It will be out in all weathers of course so I can’t yet say of it’s durability! But looking at it, and a stress and stretch test before putting up seems to be okay. And another reason for me is that it now blends in with the undergrowth much better than the white cord before. Very pleased so far!

Different use than most people

I bought this with the intention of using it as a washing line. I was getting really sick of buying rope and steel core washing lines, costing at least double what this paracord cost, that usually snapped within a few weeks. Something hard wearing with a 50kg breaking strain seemed ideal for a washing line and so it has proved so far. After a few weeks of outside usage it seems as good as new with no signs of wear or seemingly any danger of it snapping. I'll update the review if this changes any time soon, but I'm very pleased with the paracord so far!

Solid paracord.

I wanted some strong, genuine paracord and this is the real deal. There seem to be a lot on the market which are cheaper knock offs, but this is the real stuff for all our paracording needs, whether you're in the military or not.

Looks good so far.

Haven't used this product yet as it's part of my car emergency kit. Would serve to build a shelter alongside some survival blankets.

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