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BUNGEES ( 4 ) Olive Green

Stock Code: CM031BX

Olive Green Bungees (4's)- Trade pack of 10 available

These olive green bungees are available in a pack of four 1-metre lengths, each with double ended hooks

Quick and Easy to use - Ideal for securing your load to your Car/Trailer

Multi-purpose, robust, essential around the camp, strong rubber coated metal hooks

Perfect to quickly erect a shelter, secure extra kit onto the outside of a backpack, or secure belongings on the back of a motorbike... the possibilities are endless.

The heavy duty elastic cord is wrapped in a hard wearing fabric sheath to give a very durable bungee, and the metal hooks are coated in strong rubber to be gentle to whatever you attach the Elasticated Bungees to.

Colour: Olive Green

Product Reviews

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Good bungees and good value for money.

A perfectly serviceable set of bungees. I use them to secure items in the back of my estate car. The car is a Skoda with a carpet lined load space with highly polished plastic ribs running just higher than the carpet. it is like a skating rink for any luggage of any type and so I find the bungees very useful to stop luggage trying to exit the car whilst I am driving. Skoda must know that the load space surface is totally unsuitable because they provide a set of built in lugs to accept bungee hooks or rope/cord. However I like the car and so, with the very slight inconvenience of using these bungees, I will keep it. I have not awarded the bungees 5 stars because that would indicate that I 'love' them and how on earth can anyone love a bungee? Suffice it to say that these bungees are of good quality and serving their purpose well.

Excellent product

These are easy to use, just the right length and obviously very versatile. They seem strong and durable, although I've not had them long, they have been out in the worst of Scottish weather and are going strong.

Well made and strong

Very sturdy and well made and very stretchy, great for strapping stuff on a roof rack and trailer, i would buy again but they are so well made and sturdy I think they will last a lifetime.

Motorbike Camping

Excellent for motorbike camping. Easy to pack away and many practical uses including motorbike luggage-tent area and washing line.

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