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Accurate 6" RA Mils Map Reading Protractor

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Accurate 6" RA Mils Map Reading Protractor

*This is a high quality accurate angle measuring device. *

Issued to Combat military commanders to plot highly accurate 6 figure & 8 figure map coordinates and directions/bearings

Very useful tool for all levels of map reading and outdoor pursuits.

5cm (6”) RA Mils Protractor made to military standard

Supplied with hard coating and string

Graduations are in Mils ( not Degrees )

Size: 15cm x 9.5cm (5.9 x 3.7”)
NATO approved:
NSN 1290-99-9681197

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Excellent map protractor

This map protractor seems sturdy, and comes with a protective film on both sides which can be peeled off or left for a bit to give more protection. It comes with markings for Mils only of course so can be expected to be used with a compass that uses mils, whether it be one of the Silva or Suunto military style baseplate compasses or the British Francis Barker prismatic, or the American military lensatic compass. It comes with a handy piece of thread already attached, to mark bearings and read off the values on the scale. There are also handy pre-drilled holes to mark the map, such as at the corners of the romer scales which are very useful to find a position within the grid square on a map.

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