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"3 in 1" Karabiner, Compass And Thermometer

Stock Code: CK310BX.

3 in 1 Karabiner, Compass and Thermometer

The 3 in 1 Karabiner, Compass and Thermometer is a handy accessory for hiking or camping. Simply clip onto your belt loop or rucksack using the karabiner clip, and always have a compass and thermometer on hand.

  • Metal case
  • Zinc alloy
  • Liquid filled with luminous dial for easily reading at night


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Handiest gadget for more than hiking

An old-fashioned compass may seem low tech in the age of smartphone GPSs, but this karabiner is attached to my daypack and is one of the most useful gadget's I've purchased, with uses beyond hiking or walking. I use the compass for plotting gardens, for orienting people to views in my walking blog, giving directions. And it's great to have a temperature reading whenever I want one. It's small and light enough to attach to a belt loop on my jeans, which means I can take it everywhere.

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