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Flexible EPE Splint

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The Flexible EPE Splint is a lightweight malleable splint made from closed cell foam making it compact, versatile and flexible.

Can be used to immobilise and support broken or sprained limbs thus preventing further trauma. Ideal for inclusion in first aid kits, especially for field-based training and expeditions etc. These are very handy to even just keep at home, or keep in the scout hut in case of any injuries.

Compact when rolled: 11 x 8cm (4.5 x 3”)
Weight: 140g (5oz)
Length: 91cm (36”) Open

Product Reviews

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An AluSplint! - Just like in Tarkov!

I bought this as a gift for a friend as we both enjoy Tarkov, but actually I can see myself buying another to keep in the car or take on hikes. It actually looks like a really legit splint. Love it! Would recommend.

A Must Have

Multi purpose piece of first aid kit, it can be used for leg breaks or cut to use as a finger splint, a must for outdoor first aiders.

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