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Shemagh (Multi Colour Options)

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Classic desert head wear. Provides protection from sun, sand and wind. Also useful as winter headgear. Doubles as a useful sweat mop, dust wiper and field towel as required. Larger version in sand only, covers helmet and face.

Knowing how to wear a shemagh can help you in survival conditions because it’s not simply worn as a piece of clothing, but it’s a rather multifunctional piece of equipment, with many interesting uses

However if its the "cool scarf wear" look you are after - Make a triangle out of your shemagh.

    1. 1. Wrap the folded edge of the shemagh over your mouth and nose, making sure that the lower half your face is covered with one corner of the triangle, while the other two corners will cover the left and right sides of your face.

      2. Take the left and right corners around the back of your neck, making sure that the shoulders are covered, and tie them together in a knot. Again, the knot shouldn’t be so tight that you find it difficult to breathe, but not too lose so that the shemagh doesn’t hold.
      3. Bring the two ends in front of your chest, over your right and left shoulder respectively. If you want to hide them, tie them in another knot under the lower corner of the shemagh.

      4. Bring down the folded edge of the shemagh – the one that was previously covering your mouth and nose. This way, you’ll get the casual apparel you’re looking for.

  • Material: 100% Cotton
    Weight: 180g (6.3oz)
    Size: 110cm x 110cm ( 43”x43”)
    Size (Large Sand): 117cmx117cm (46x46”)

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