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Hot Weather Hat

Stock Code: CL087SS


With cooling chamber and removable neck guard. A classic military style hat designed for operations in hot climates.

Mesh netting (backed with fine mosquito netting) helps ventilate the head. Can be used with or without water An integral poly-crystal chamber in the top of the hat can also be immersed in water to provide extra cooling to the cranium. Simple but very effective.

  • › Simply immerse in water for 10-20 minutes
  • › The liquid gets absorbed into the skull top of the hat, providing a cooling effect when worn.
  • › Mesh ventilation allows gradual evaporation of the liquid held in the crystals.
  • › Removable Nape Guard and neck tie protect the wearer from sunburn.
  • › Colour: Sand

Fabric: polyester cotton.

Small - 17.145 cm - 17.4625 cm
Medium - 17.8 cm - 18.0975 cm
Large - 18.415 cm - 18.7325 cm
XLarge - 19.05 cm - 19.3675 cm

Code: CL087SS (Small) Code: CL087SM (Medium) Code: CL087SL (Large) Code: CL087SXL (XLarge)

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