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Hot Weather Hat

Stock Code: CL087SS

HOT WEATHER HAT CODE: SEE BELOW With cooling chamber and removable neck guard. A classic military style hat designed for operations in hot climates. Mesh netting (backed with fine mosquito netting) helps ventilate the head. An integral poly-crystal chamber in the top of the hat can also be immersed in water to provide extra cooling to the cranium. Simple but very effective.

› Simply immerse in water for 10-20 minutes › Can be used with or without water › Mesh ventilation › Removable Nape Guard and neck tie › Colour: Sand

The material composition of the fabric is polyester cotton.

Code: CL087SS (Small) Code: CL087SM (Medium) Code: CL087SL (Large) Code: CL087SXL (XLarge)

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