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Camouflage Cream Stick 30g (Brown/Green) or (Black/Green)

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Entirely compliant with (EC) EU Regulation No. 1223/2009.

A brand new way to display the 30 Gram Camouflage Cream Split Stick,

A more compact, lightweight, version of the larger 60g stick.

This easy to use and practical display box of 28 enables BCB to keep the individual trade price as low as possible.

Available in both very popular varieties of BLACK/GREEN or BROWN/GREEN Display boxes and one Display box that has a mixture of both,

We are proud to say all BCB Camo products are made here in our factory in Cardiff, each stamped with the "Made in Britain" Union flag.

This "NEW" CAMO Display box is available in two very popular different varieties.

A convenient two-tone camo stick that creates pattern disrupting stripes quickly and effectively without the need for a mirror. The IR reflective formula also moisturises the skin. It also provides a high sun protection factor (SPF).

› IR reflective
› Not affected by rain or sweat
› Non-toxic
› Sun protection factor (30+)
› Easily removed with mild soap & water
› Available in woodland jungle, desert and arctic shades

Contents 28 x 30 Gram Camouflage Cream Split Stick
Stick weight: 30g (1oz)

NATO Approved
NSN: Brown/Green: 6850-99-371-1878 NSN: Black/Green: 6850-99-371-1878

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