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Neil Robertson Stretcher

Stock Code: MF440

Lightweight and compact compared to other stretchers, provides more freedom of movement and flexibility of use. Ideal for use in engine-rooms, cargo holds and boiler rooms where access or hatch sizes are limited. A well-proven rescue stretcher for use in an instance where a casualty needs to be lowered or lifted to safety, allowing simple and safe recovery of a patient from difficult or unconventional situations. Widely used by the navy, Mines, factories and emergency services.


• Flexible semi-rigid canvas design

• Lightweight

• High quality materials for longer product life

• Can be neatly folded to store away

• No specialist training is required to use

• The strapping holds the casualty firmly even when you need to recover vertically

• For use in an instance where a casualty needs to be lowered or lifted to safety

• Strong neck and head restraint for stability on the move

• Durable, non-rot cotton and slat construction

• Includes support rope to enable lifting and lowering


Length - 150 cm

Width - 100 cm

Weight- 10 kg

Lifting capacity - 120 kg

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