Camo Net Woodland to UKSC

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NATO issue – lightweight – infra red reflective 3D helps break up the objects outline, and reduces signature Excellent colour fastness to U.V. water and abrasion resistance Made to UK MoD specifications Strong, durable and extremely robust Suitable for all climatic conditions from -40 deg C to +70 dec C. Remains pliable in extreme temperature ranges U.V. treated, mould and rot resistant Non toxic. lightweight, waterproof garnish Quiet, rustle free and matt anti-reflective printing Reduces the thermal signature of hot objects

Sizes: 2.438 mtr x 2.133 mtr ( NET1080-99-1320174 UKSC3576) 9 mtr x 9 mtr ( NET1080-99-9783433 UKSC6339) 11.5 mtr x 11.5 mtr ( NET1080-99-9783434 UKSC6339) 12 mtr x 14 mtr ( NET1080-99-9783435 UKSC6339) 18mtr x 18mtr ( NET108-99-9784281 UKSC6339)

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