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Issue 3: Donations off PPE to NHS Wales

27 April 2020
Donating PPE to the NHS in the time of need

A Message from the Managing Director

As we move through our fifth week of lockdown we are witnessing a new ‘normal’. There have certainly been a lot of changes and whilst we are getting to grips with dawn to dusk split shifts and new routines we are confident that we are ensuring our teams of essential workers are kept safe within the BCB environment.

Safety first - We have issued all of our teams with masks, gloves and for the goods in and deliveries out teams full overalls and of course everyone has our own BCB’s Dr Browns High Strength Hand Sanitiser.

Supporting each other - We would ask our clients to be mindful of the difficult circumstances that we are all operating in and be considerate to our teams. One of the shift change overs is between 12 noon GMT and 12.30 pm Phone are not answered within this half hour.

Supporting our communities - we are proud of the BCB role in the fight against COVID-19 and have been helping various organisations with donations of our own manufactured products. Please see details in the newsletter.

Finally none of this would be possible without the dedication of our teams and the patience and understanding of our customers. As we travel through this chapter of life together we hope you will stay safe and take care.

Remember together we are stronger.


Our Personal Protective Equipment range of products

For a full list of our specially selected Personal Protective Equipment products, visit our dedicated website page:

BCB International Covid-19 Banner Protecting the Protectors

Donations of Personal Protective Equipment to HM Prison Cardiff and NHS Wales

Our Managing Director, Andrew Howell visited HM Prison Cardiff and donated Personal Protective Equipment for staff and prison officers. Andrew Howell is currently High Sheriff of South Glamorgan and visited an NHS facility in Cardiff to thank staff and frontline workers for their continued efforts in battling COVID-19. BCB International also donated a supply of Personal Protective Equipment to NHS Wales staff.

Positive feedback from our customers

Over the past week BCB International has continued to receive positive recommendations from businesses and organisations, endorsing our Personal Protective Equipment product range. Over the past few days endorsements from NHS Doctor Dr M Howell and Jane Rogers have been received.

BCB in the media

A Press Release by Cardiff Council highlighted the work of BCB International and other local businesses in helping to fight COVID-19. This has been reported in the media by Wales 24/7.

Andrew Howell, Managing Director of BCB International Ltd. with the Department of International Trade


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