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VE Day: Remembering our Heroes

07 May 2020
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On the 8th May we will remember when, 75 years ago, the guns fell silent over Europe, marking the end of the war for them.

This year BCB International has asked their teams to share stories of their families who lived through or fought in World War Two, so we can reflect on the enormous sacrifice, courage and determination people of all walks of life went through. The BCB team gathered stories and pictures from their family members who fought, laughed, loved and suffered. Each person is a hero in their own way, and we want to share these stories with you.

At 3pm on Friday 8th May we invite you, from the safety of your own home, to raise your glass with us to the WW2 heroes and say thank you.

“To those who gave us so much, we thank you.” Winston Churchill

This image was taken in Tremorfa, on the corner of Gallamuir Road only ten minutes away from BCB’s offices. One of our team found the photo of her family and the rest of the street celebrating the end of the war, on this day 75 years ago.

Deryck Howell

In World War Two Deryck was part of the ‘J’ service, a special forces unit which later amalgamated with the Phantom Regiment. The acknowledged task was to obtain up to date battlefield intelligence which was transmitted direct to Army HQ. Many of its actions remain secret even today. When Phantom was disbanded Deryck was made Chief Superintendent of the district of Wolfsbery, Austria. On his discharge, he returned to Cardiff where he expanded the family pharmaceutical business, today known as BCB International.

Patricia Bennett

A WREN who served at HMS St Vincent. Patricia became a ‘jenny wren’ in 1943, joining up on her birthday! She loved the camaraderie and being able to support her countries war efforts. Many Wrens were involved in planning naval operations, including the D-Day landings in June 1944.

Patricia enjoyed being in the thick of it, and the fact that WREN officers were entitled to wear their own silk knickers!

This photograph shows her at her display of drill.

Captain Jack Henderson RAOC

First seeing action in Dunkirk, stationed in Cairo as part of the Desert Rats, 7th Armoured Division. Jack saw action in the desert, Syria, Palestine before being sent to Sicily and Anzio.

This photograph show him with his beloved tanks in the desert.

Jack Graham

A Fitter Mechanic in 605 squadron. Here you can see a picture of him sitting in a Hawker Hurricane in 1940, another of him in St Athen (near Cardiff) in 1940 ( 6th from left), and the remaining photograph is Jack Graham in Java in 1942 - by the end of March '42 he was a POW of the Japanese.

John Grindon

RAF Pilot

Albert William Ames

Albert served with the British Army – Royal Armoured Ordnance Corps. He was part of the occupation force in Germany with 7th Armoured (aka Desert Rats). He was posted to Flensburg in Germany where he met Inga Ingeborg Juliana Fitzen, who then followed him back to UK, where they married.

Lance Corporal Rix

This Train ticket shows Lance Corporal Rix’s weight going to war and his weight on return. The second image is when Lance was discharged from the army.

Arthur Howard Lewis

Served in the Royal Airforce during World War two as ground crew. Met Margaret Mary Macnamara in the RAF and married after the War at 23 years old.

Margaret Mary Macnamara

Served in the Royal Airforce in World War Two as an air force telephonist and support for deceased.

Samuel Wilson

First served in the Royal Airforce then transferred into the Army in World War Two and was based in Northern Ireland, before being sent to the South of France at the end of the War. When they were all on their way home at the end of the war, Samuel was in charge of cooking for all the soldiers in France as they celebrated on the 8th May in 1945.

Eineed Wilson

Joined in on the war effort by making shirts for the Amy during the Second World War.

Peggy Wilson

Worked in the British Land Army as a land girl in Buckinghamshire. Farming potatoes, cutting hay and replacing the men who were called up to fight, even though they were then paid less than the men they replaced. She then stayed on after the war as she loved it so much and met her husband at the farm.

Grandfather Williams

Captured in Italy, part of the long March Poland to Germany. Liberated by the Americans.

Trevor Andrew Thompson


Margaret Violet Elizabeth Evans


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