Issue 24: Countdown to Inventors Day C.A.N.E.I. - Day 1: Continuous - BCB International Ltd

Issue 24: Countdown to Inventors Day C.A.N.E.I. - Day 1: Continuous

06 February 2024

On the 11th February 1847, Thomas Alva Edison was born. American inventor who, singly or jointly, held a world-record of 1,093 patents. In addition, he created the world’s first industrial research laboratory.

In 1983 Ronald Reagan proclaimed the 11th February to be National Inventors day, the anniversary of Thomas Edison's birth.

While the UK as of yet does not officially recognize an Inventors Day, here at BCB International we are strong supporters of invention today to create a better tomorrow. Over the years BCB has registered new designs and patents for new and innovated products.

BCB's original logo from 1914

BCB’s continuous and never-ending innovation policy has resulted in hundreds of quality innovative products, many of which were and continue to be developed in partnership with those who travel to the extremes.

On the countdown to Inventors Day we are going to be sharing with you some of our top range products and some insight from our Research & Development Team.

BCB came from a brand new product development. Dr Brown invented Brown's Cough Bottle in 1854, only a few years after Thomas Edison was born. Brown's Cough Bottle was despatched to the British Troops fighting in the Crimean War (October 1853 to February 1856) and became the beginning of a company that would go on to save hundreds of thousands of lives. Brown's Cough Bottle, B.C.B.

Dr Brown's Cough Bottle

In the 1950's, Deryck Howell designed the world’s first life raft survival kit which was developed in 1978 by Andrew Howell and supplied to the commercial marine industry & the British Ministry of Defence. It cemented the company’s driving force CANEI: Continuous and Never Ending Innovation and sparked an impressive array of innovated products including: shark repellent, ballistic protective underwear dubbed ‘Blast Boxers’ and an all-weather rations heating & cooking fuel called ‘FireDragon’.

FireDragon Fuel & Firelighters

On our first countdown day we are looking into the Continuous element of our driving force for new products.

At BCB we are continually looking for new ways to increase survivability for those in war and danger zones or those on the frontlines.

In 2013 BCB started work on a new type of maritime defence system. We identified a urgent need for a non-lethal, quick and reliable means for stopping a vessel.

The existing methods for boat stopping involved lethal weapons or ramming vessels, limited and crude ways of preventing terrorism, piracy, smuggling, remote controlled vessels & theft.

Boat Stopping Systems, B.S.S. are unique patented maritime pneumatic launchers which uses Newton's second law of motion:

Force = Mass x Acceleration

and reverses it.

Buccaneer deployment

Since then we have developed three different systems, the Barracuda that is a hand held system with 36 meter range, the Buccaneer which is boat mounted and has a range of 200 metres and lastly, the Sea Stinger which is port mounted and delivers a range of 400 metres.

Barracuda Deployment

The systems have been extensively tested over 6 years and are currently in service all over the world. They neither damage the vessel nor injure those on board.

Saving and Protecting Lives in Hostile Environments through Continuous and Never-Ending Innovation.

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