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Ration Heating Kits Production Launched

14 August 2020
New FireDragon - Heating/ Ration Pack Production machines

After a significant investment in a new bespoke production line, BCB International have launched the production of ration pack heating kits at their headquarters in Cardiff.

The heating kits are designed to be used with and go inside Military and Humanitarian Aid ration packs.

The compact ration kits include BCB’s FireDragon eco-friendy and non-toxic fuel.

The 7g fuel capsules are made from aluminium which means they can double as a cooker by simply peeling the lid off and lighting the eco-friendly fuel.

The fuel capsules will heat 300ml of water from 10°C to 55°C in under 5 minutes.

The capsules are supplied with an ingeniously designed folding stove.

The stove is equipped with adjustable cup support wings and can withstand multiple folds and unfolds.

The contents of a standard BCB Ration Heating kit are:

1 x Folding Stove
1 x Gripping lever
6 x FireDragon Fuel tablets
1 x refuse bag
1 x book of matches (20 matches)
6 x water purifying tablets
3 x toothpicks

The bespoke machines have been sourced from the U.K. and Italy. This production line adds an additional two 500 litre mixing tanks to the existing five tanks at BCB's Cardiff site.

To read more on our new heating kit head over to Joint Forces, link below:

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