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Issue 18: The Great BCB Bake Off

14 August 2020
BCB Bake Off Brownies

Message from our Joint Managing Directors

I hope you enjoy our diverse, and possibly eccentric, newsletter for this week. COVID-19 is still very much a dominant feature of our lives. We continue to put our team at the forefront of safety and security against possible infection. We continue to run a two-shift office system to safeguard our team and to ensure we can service our client’s needs. To that end we wish to remind you that we are here to assist you in your enquiries.
Keep safe

Andrew & Janey

Ration Heating Kits Production Launched

After a significant investment in a new bespoke production line, BCB International have launched the production of ration pack heating kits at their headquarters in Cardiff.

The heating kits are designed to be used with and go inside Military and Humanitarian Aid ration packs. The compact ration kits include BCB’s FireDragon eco-friendy and non-toxic fuel. The 7g fuel capsules are made from aluminium which means they can double as a cooker by simply peeling the lid off and lighting the eco-friendly fuel.

The contents of a standard BCB Ration Heating kit are:

1 x Folding Stove
1 x Gripping lever
6 x FireDragon Fuel tablets
1 x refuse bag
1 x book of matches (20 matches)
6 x water purifying tablets
3 x toothpicks

To Read the full article click here

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

BCB, in partnership with Boomerang (supporting the homeless of Cardiff and nearby) estimate an approximate saving of 476 tons of CO2. BCB is committed to further reducing our carbon footprint, thereby supporting and protecting our environment.

To find out more about Boomerang, the amazing work they do or even how you could show your support follow the link below -

BCB International’s ‘Bug Hotel’

Introducing our ‘Bug Hotel’, an example of BCB International’s commitment to protecting and enhancing our environment. From cutting down on single use plastic to reducing the amount of printing used, BCB International have also recently created a ‘Bug Hotel’!

Utilising an overgrown piece of greenery in the grounds of our Cardiff HQ the team have developed an area to encourage the local eco system to thrive.

Wellbeing Wednesday at BCB International!

On Wednesday BCB team member, Issy Howell led colleagues in a lunchtime yoga session. Yoga can lead to increased flexibility and muscle strength and improved energy and vitality. Positive feedback was received from all who took part, and a weekly session is now envisaged.

Cyber Essential Certification

The Cyber Essential Certification was launched by UK Government in June 2014. It is a cyber security standard that organisations are assessed and certified against. BCB International was recently awarded certification. Thanks to our ICT Department, led by Ben Simmons, for all the work which has gone into ensuring BCB is, and remains, a cyber-secure organisation.

The Great BCB Bake Off!

The BCB International spin off to the Great British Bake Off was a resounding success! There were some scrumptious entries to the cake competition; with Monica’s Oreo cheesecake taking top prize!

Our Hand Sanitiser Survey

We are asking for your contribution. If you have bought any of our Dr Brown’s Hand Sanitiser, please take 2 minutes to complete our survey. This way we can find out your opinions and make sure we are to the best of our capabilities. Click on the below link to take the survey!'s

Dr. Brown's lavender hand sanitise

New Stockist option for BCB’s Website

We are delighted announce that we are promoting stockists of BCB products and welcome this weeks new additions;

Cadet Direct - UK
Ray Mears Bushcraft - UK - Spain
Silvermans - UK
Armed Gear For Real - Czech Republic
Yonc - Switzerland

To our ever-growing lists of stockists. To be included in our stockists list please email: or your point of contact here at BCB

Our Personal Protective Equipment range of products

For a full list of our specially selected Personal Protective Equipment products, visit our dedicated website page:

BCB International Covid-19 Banner Protecting the Protectors

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