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Tinder Card

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TINDER CARD each individual pack contains 18 strips



A flammable piece of impregnated material, which when pulled apart shows its fibrous nature producing an excellent complement to a flint and striker.

Once ignited it burns slowly like a candle helping it to easily start fires. Only a small amount is required for a survival kit, and it packs smaller than the other alternative tinder, eg, cotton wool balls etc.

Size: (9.5 x 19cm) (3.8 x 7.7”) Weight: 210g (7 oz)

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Perfect addition for your EDC

Tindercard is the perfect addition for your EDC. Compact, lightweight and most importantly can be easily lit using a fire steal. You don't need much to get a fire going, just take a small amount of Tindercard and break up in your fingers to expose the fibers. Although the card is impregnated with flammable material it is odorless and once lit will burn slowly, slower than say a cotton wool ball. Tindercard is the perfect backup for those days when you just cant find any natural dry tinder, or simply don't have the time (or patience). The packaging claims you get enough on 3 sheets for 18 fire starters, but depending on the conditions you will likely get more than that. Highly recommended.

Lightweight and non-smelly, must have for the outdoor enthusiast

Great stuff, this tinder paper is thick (about 3mm) so it can be pulled apart to expose the fibers. This makes it easy to ignite, using the Friendly Swede flint steel it takes only one or two strikes to have a flame going on. I like this tinder, as it's lightweight and non-smelly, and very easy to pack. My preference is to cut it in pieces approx. 3x5cm which do weight next to nothing (5gr each?) and last a good 4 minutes, so is more than enough to start a fire even with damp twigs. Highly recommended, don't waste your time with smelly & toxic cubes or fluids, this is much better. 3 people found this helpful

Just what I wanted

Loot the card in half, scrape fibres up with your blade the use a fero rod. Perfect. Light. Will work when wet too.

This is excellent stuff. Took a spark easy and lite time ...

This is excellent stuff. Took a spark easy and lite time after time even with the smallest amount. Definately need to make sure it's well worked, so the fibres fluff up on one side and burns long enough to make a fire with ease...

Excellent for use with a woodgas stove

I bought this to go with my woodgas stove to be lit with a flint and steel. It works brilliantly. I just used a small amount with some dry tinder, a couple of sparks and it's lit, then the tinder went up and all was brilliant. I would recommend this to anyone.

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