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Remote Medical Pack

This will allow your medic to treat several casualties with traumatic injuries and/or lower-level primary healthcare injuries and some eye injuries. Packed neatly in a high quality 27 Litre daysack which opens fully, it has 6 inner mesh pouches each clearly marked for ease and speed of use. A 3 Litre water reservoir and drinking tube are contained in a separate inner compartment.

Qty Item 4 x Trauma Bandage

4 x Celox Gauze

4 x Combat Tourniquets

4 x Chest Seals

2 x Cohesive Bandages 7.5cm x 4.5

3 x Wound Care Packs

1 x Saline pack of 20

1 x Saline Eye Wash Bottle

5 x 7.5cm x 7.5cm Sterile Gauze

2 x Zinc Oxide rolls

1 x Water-Jel 10cm x 40 cm Burns Dressing

1 x Water-Jel 5cm x 15cm Burns Dressing

4 x Eye pad with Bandage

2 x CPR Rescuer Emergency Face Mask

1 x Mepore Dressing 9cm x 10cm Pack of 15

1 x Pack of 100 assorted plasters

2 x Decompression Needles

5 x Triangular Bandages

10 x Aqua Gel Sachets

2 x 500ml Saline

1 x IV Kit

1 x NPA Set

1 x OPA Set

1 x Wound Closure Set

1 x Sharps Box

1 x Stethoscope

1 x BVM

1 x Tuffcut Sciossors

1 x Pen Torch

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