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* These are effective as Dr Browns Hand Sanitisers. Our Extra Strength “Dr Browns” Hand Sanitiser kills up to 99.99% of Virus & Bacteria including COVID-19 *

*average 47% Retailer Margin from RRP shown on product *

( CN336G is a version which has an MOQ of 48 packs per case - see image 10 - has no RRP marking)

Simply place SRD on the shelf and rip off the top perforated layer for immediate use

*SHELF READY DISPLAY (S R D) Product Stock Code to use *

CN346 - SRD Box of 10 - format -Solid- pouch size - 6 blocks
CN347 - SRD Box of 10 - format - Solid-pouch size - 12 blocks
CN348 - SRD Box of 10 - format - GEL – pouch size -200 ml
CN349 - SRD Box of 10 - format - GEL – pouch size - 1 Litre
CN337B -SRD Box of 10 - Folding FD Cooker

FireDragon SOLID or GEL the all-weather ECO FRIENDLY biofuel & firelighter. Made from UK sourced ethanol, Manufactured in our own FIREDRAGON Factory in Llanelli,,

FireDragon can be used in multi-fuel outdoor cooking stoves, and excellent for charcoal barbecues, as well as indoor ethanol fireplaces.

We formulated and developed the FireDragon firelighter to help people who venture in the great outdoors cook their rations and boil their brews quickly, safeguarding their health and protecting the environment at the same time.


Quick & easy to ignite - with just a spark, lighter or match. • Eco-Friendly - made in the UK from traceable, sustainable, naturally derived bio-ethanol. • Non-toxic & odourless - burns CLEAN without copious quantities of noxious or toxic fumes, unlike other firelighters • Constant High-Quality flame temperature – Other Firelighter flame is very poor, especially towards the end of their use. • Approximately 8 – 10 minute burn time per block. • Can be used indoors or outside in all weather conditions. Works great even when wet • Easy to store & handle. • Safe to be packed with food • Solid block can also be used as a waterless antibacterial hand cleanser when first opened

Safety Data sheets available on request

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