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Distress Whistle

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Bright orange emergency distress whistle. Produces a high decibel noise from low air input.

› Side clip › SOLAS approved

NATO approved: NSN-4220-99-120-9470

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Simple yet effective

Simple whsitle for a small kit I put together for my Dad when he is out walking the dog in the hills, hopefully he'll never have to use it but its loud enough should he need to.

Cheap. Loud. Dependable.

Cheap. Loud. Dependable. No moving parts. Tea kettle like sound. Essential bushcraft kit. You never need it. But when you do, it can be life or death. I'm a careful person, but nearly had need for this recently.


A good replacement that I hope not to use but an essential must have for walkers. Cheap but effective.

Good for a minimal cost item.

Cheap, does what it supposed to, as loud as you can blow & may just be the piece of equipment that saves your life, if you get into trouble hiking etc.

Perfect whistle for what it is

Perfect whistle for what it is, cheap but loud and no moving parts means it is suitable for use on water.

This is a good sturdy item

This is a good sturdy item, easy to attach and bright enough to be found in emergencies. We took it out for a test (not in the hills!) and it produces a nice loud sound, so will trust it in the event of an emergency

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