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FireDragon Folding Cooker

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*The FireDragon Folding Cooker is a compact and lightweight folding cooker made from aluminium. *

It can store 3 FireDragon solid blocks inside the folded closed stove. This compact folding cooker is ideal for carrying and storing.**

Features: ■ Compact and lightweight
■ Durable
■ Waterproof
■ Easy to use
■ Efficient
■ You can burn many fuels (except petrol) in its central fuel receiver.
■ Reusable
■ MOD Issue
■ Set contains:

Folding Cooker - Fuel receiver - Windshield

The central fuel receiver helps to improve the burn efficiency so improving your cooking time and reducing the amount of fuel you need

Multi-Fuel: This cooker can be used with FireDragon Solid Fuel, other solid fuels, gels and some liquid fuels. (Not petrol)

Fuel not included – Highly recommended - Firedragon Solid , Firedragon Gel

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