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Mk2 Crusader Cooking Set

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Crusader "Dragon" Cooking Unit MK 2


Crusader "Dragon" Cup Mk2

A bigger better version of the original Crusader Cup,
Made from high grade aluminium, Very light, Very strong
Larger than the heavier steel Crusader Cup at 1 litre much much lighter
Shaped base to help capture with a larger surface area as much heat as possible,
Designed to have a Snug fit to the Standard Black NATO Water bottle (no rattles)

Crusader "Dragon" Cooker Mk2

Designed for use with the Fire Dragon family of fuels, Solid & Gel, this is however a "Multi" fuel Cooker,
Made from very high grade aluminium, Very light, Very strong
The special Internal “Chimney” used in the centre of the cooker helps to improve burn efficiency
Vent holes help to retain as much heat as possible and funnel the airflow for effective fuel burn

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