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Self Inflating Sleeping Mattress

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An ideal mat for backpacking, trekking and travelling

The perfect mat where minimum weight and space are crucial requirements. Mummy shaped self-inflating mattress, supplied complete with a stuff sack.

Size: 180cm x 50cm Narrowing to: 28 x 3cm
Packed size in stuff sack: 16 x 26cm
Top: 210T Diamond Ripstop Polyester Coated PVC
Base: Dobby Polyester Coating PVC+ Foam
Colour:Highly Visible Orange Weight: 770 grams

Ideal for use with the Folding Camp Cot Bed(see image) or on the ground when backpacking.

Product Reviews

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A great nights sleep

This thing is incredible. I;ve used it dozens of times now and never had a bad nights sleep on it. It inflates quickly (does need a manual top up to make it a bit firmer) and deflate and packs up just as quickly. It's coffin shape put me off a bit at first as it seems small but for a large guy I have no problem with it. Really comfortable and great for camping/festivals/crashing at a mates house.

Helped keep me warm and comfortable whilst camping at altitude

I used this mattress whilst climbing Mt. Kenya. At high altitude it was extremely cold and I found the ease with which the mattress inflated very welcome at the end of each day's climbing. It also served as good insulation by keeping me off the ground. It's quite easy to squash down again the next morning and is light to carry. Ideally it would be a few inches wider and half an inch thicker

For the money, it's light, compact and comfortable!

An excellent mat for £19.99. For the money, it's light, compact and comfortable! I slept very well on the mat and it insulated me from the ground too.

BCB, say no more

BCB product, can't really go wrong with their gear. I'm 18 stone and 6'2. This product gives me a good night's sleep weather on the fishing bank or hiking through dartmoor. It self inflates if you leave it alone for 5 minutes like ALL self inflating mattresses but if your impatient like me, takes less than 30 seconds to manually blow up.takes up very little space at the bottom of a bergan. I this particular model is shaped like a mummy so it supports back, legs head. Your arms unless you've got a 12 inch chest rest on the floor. I prefer this if I'm being honest but it's personal preference. Ideal for sticking in the bottom of a hammock. I put mine inside my sleeping bag and use a bog standard roll mat just to give a bit more insulation. Your paying £20 for a product that goes up to £200 so it's not going to perform back flips on demand but it does the job and is very comfortable 6 people found this helpful

BCB A quality product that is value for money and good quality

This BCB Self Inflating Mattress arrived very quickly and very well packaged. I have used it and so has my ten year old daughter. We both found it very comfortable. In fact much more comfortable that the black ones we have used previously which also had built in pillows. The BCB Mattress lacks a pillow but that doesn't bother me as i find it easy to improvise. Self inflating - It is like other self inflating mattresses and you unscrew the valve leave it a few minutes the tighten the valve back up. This works as well as any other valve I have used. I find all self inflating bed rolls need to be inflated more by blowing into the valve. As with any product you should take care not to over inflate. The Roll mat is not smooth plastic/rubber so even if you lye on it directly or with a thin sheet you wont stick to the mattress and become uncomfortable Packing away. The Roll mat comes with a small mat which is a perfect size for it. You simply fold it down the middle length way and roll it up before putting it in the patch/bag. Colour - This bright Orange. If you need something to get attention to be rescued this would help. As most people have pointed out it is unfortunate that is in the shape of a coffin lid. Overall it is an excellent product and I would recommend it to anyone going camping out, staying outdoors or hiking

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