Stock Code: CA120

BCB’s new patented non-disruptive system improves the load distribution of currently issued equipment.

The Load Carriage Yoke can be integrated or worn as a stand-alone item with any armour vest, plate carrier or rucksack.

It fits under your body armour or rucksack to redistribute the load to your hips.

■ The pivoted load-support frame sits under a body armour vest and rucksack and transfers weight to the hips through the height adjustable strut to a load carriage belt.

■ Belt can be fitted with MOLLE or webbing to attach pouches.

■ Weight can be transferred instantly onto shoulders to improve agility in combat situations with quick release pull.

■ Made from lightweight fracture resistant polymers and aramid yarn.

■ Belt, upright and yoke available in small, medium and large sizes

■ Compatible with all existing Body Armour Vests and Rucksacks.

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