WALL BREACHING CANNON with wired trigger

The WBS KIS is the high power variant of the KIS family. The WBS KIS can be mounted on a static location, such as critical infrastructure, vehicle mounted or manually wheeled into position. Capable of firing a 22Kg projectile with sufficient force to punch through, non explosively, a double skin breeze block cavity wall.

Fitted with a Recoil Mitigation System the WBS KIS uses water or sand filled projectiles reducing collateral damage and increasing safety for building occupants: such as hostages or for search and rescue operations.

The WBS KIS can also be utilised for infrastructure and large sea vessel protection through the use of vessel interdiction entangling / disabling systems or SABOT cylinders which contain multiple smaller projectiles for wide area effects such as paint or PAVA balls.

NATO Approved: NSN:1095-99-474-6909

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