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The Kann 44 Riot Launcher is a new generation and innovative less-lethal launcher, which best meets today’s challenges and operational requirements

Its design outperforms other launchers on the market on the quality of materials used as well as its accuracy thanks to its long rifled barrel (28cm).


  • Greater accuracy (accurate up to 30m)
  • Rifled barrel (12 grooves right)
  • Many launchers on the market have smooth barrels or fewer rifled grooves which greatly reduces their accuracy
  • Other launchers on the market like the ‘baton round’ types, exceed an energy impact of 200 joules at 20m
  • At that range, an impact of 200J can kill you!
  • The maximum impact energy of our launcher’s ammunition at 20m is under 200J

Our Launcher and its ammunition are more ACCURATE and LESS-LETHAL than the rest!


Model Defence Ball Launcher Rifled long barrel
Material High quality stainless aluminium
Safety Barrel removable via pin
Size 44 / 83 SP
Action One / Single
Overall Length Butt Folded 500mm Extended 700mm
Hieght 200mm
Weight 2.3Kg
Length Barrel 280mm
Rifled 12 Right
Accuracy Within a 20 x 20cm square from 30m
Pontet Oversized fingers passage
Quick Scoring 3-point system for quick scoring targets
Load Carriage 1 strap attachment

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